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We are experienced in representing buyers from outside the UK, we can assist on SPVs and other structures needed and silery to the property purchase.


Whatever your background you can be assured that our talented lawyers have both in-depth sector knowledge and experience


Medical negligence is substandard care provided by a medical professional to a patient, directly causing injury or an existing condition to worsen.


We offer advice to both employees and employers on a wide range of issues. It is our aim to provide guidance and reassurance that individuals and businesses require in employment matters.

We specialise in Housing Immigration and Employment

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Successful Asylum & Visa Application

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Civil Partnerships

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Financial Settlements

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Prenuptial Agreements

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Personal Injury


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We’re dedicated to providing the best possible service as well as fair, honest and professional advice, at every stage of the process, our intention is to make your life easier, We can assist you through any component of civil litigation.

Our criminal lawyers are shewed, supportive, and sophisticated, with a reputation for providing strategic, sensible, and practical criminal law advice 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your matter may be worked on by a Solicitor, Trainee Solicitor or Caseworker, all Trainees and Caseworkers are supervised by a Solicitor. Solicitors will be supervised by a Director.

Work which falls outside our fixed fees is charged on an hourly rate basis. You will be advised of the applicable hourly rate and estimate of fees for work.

Our hourly rates for litigation are as follows:

  • Solicitors 8+ years PQE: £317
  • Solicitors 4+ years PQE: £242
  • Other Solicitors: £196
  • Trainee Solicitors and Caseworkers: £126


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. The costs of disbursements vary, we advise each client at the beginning of each matter as to the likely disbursements which may be incurred.

The following are examples of disbursements which you may incur in a litigation matter:

  1. Court Fees. To see an up to date list of court fees click here
  2. Counsels Fees: Counsel fees are dependent on the level of experience. We have no control over their fees and there is no standard amount a barrister will charge. Where it becomes apparent that counsel will be required, we will provide you will an option so you can make an informed decision prior to these costs being incurred.
  3. Travel fees: for attending conferences or Court hearings on your behalf.