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At Obaseki Solicitors we pride ourselves on obtaining quality results for our clients and our team of award-winning immigration experts, that provide advice and assistance on all types of Immigration matters.

The team has extensive experience, particularly in Claims for Asylum and in Applications Outside the Immigration Rules. We take great pride in our exemplary success rates for Asylum Applications, Applications to Come/Stay in the UK and Immigration Law disputes relating to Human Rights.

Our Immigration team has exemplary success rates and a historic reputation within the Legal space.

Let our Multi-Jurisdiction Qualified Immigration Experts direct you to the best outcome and provide you with the most comprehensive service in your matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your matter may be worked on by a Solicitor, Trainee Solicitor or Caseworker, all Trainees and Caseworkers are supervised by a Solicitor. Solicitors will be supervised by a Director.

The majority of our case are agreed on a fixed fee basis. Where a fixed fee is not practicable, fees will be charged in accordance with our hourly rates and a fee estimate would be agreed. The estimate will be arrived at, having considered the facts of clients’ instructions.

  • Home Office Applications & Visas from £1,250 + 20% VAT = £1,500 onwards
  • Appeals to the Appellate Authority (AIT) from £1,250 + 20% VAT = £1,500 onwards
  • Specialist Visa Types from £2,500 + 20% VAT = £3,000 onwards
  • Judicial Review from £1,500 + 20% VAT = £1,800 onwards, up to £2,500 + 20% VAT (depending on the complexity and surrounding circumstances)
  • Asylum (Written Submissions) from £500 + 20% VAT = £600 onwards

Please note that express work may attract higher fees, typically starting from £1500 + 20% VAT (£1,800 onwards)

  1. Taking instructions from the client.
  2. Providing advice letter and list of supporting documents.
  3. Assisting with the collation of documents in support of the visa application.
  4. Completing the visa application form for client’s review.
  5. Liaising with relevant third parties and the UK Visas and Immigration on behalf of the client.
  6. Providing submissions in support of the application.
  7. General case preparation/management
  8. Providing post visa grant advice and assistance; and
  9. Reporting to the client

Note: Services are not included in our fee estimate

Should you wish to request for the bewlo additional services, we would quote you a fixed fee based on your requirements.

  1. Attending the Home Office interview with you.
  2. Accompanying you and the barrister/counsel to your hearing (Court/Tribunal).
  3. Hearing Representation

The main disbursement for each application relates to the payment of the UK Visas and Immigration fees, the actual cost of this disbursement is dependent on the application type. A list of the applicable immigration fees is available on the UK Visas and Immigration website: .

Disbursements may include courier fees and translation fees. These would be quoted for in each individual matter and agreed before proceeding.

Timescales are dependent on the application type, circumstances of the application, complexity, and the visa expiration date (where applicable).

We aim for a turnaround of four weeks for straightforward applications (applications without additional complexities or complications) and, depending on the circumstances, a longer period of time (potentially a few months) for complex applications.

We advise our clients on the anticipated time frame for each individual instruction at the outset confirm if an application was considered as complex. Please note that the time frame within which the application can be completed is dependent on the timely provision of the relevant information by the client. The UK Visas and Immigration department have set processing times based on the type of the application and method of submission:


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